Monday, November 24, 2008

Just listened to Tech Therapy Episode 36 Future of College happy to hear echoed my thoughts in earlier college library has gathering place, cafe, treadmills, showers...and is a place that is built to attract young singles. My favorite statement: "If there is a Librarian...its a Library..." Loosely quoted. So in the new Public Libraries, what does it mean when the speicalist in the field can't be found in the Youth Services area and doesn't even have a workspace there? No Librarian, not a Library...just a place with information...I also liked the statement about books being "a symbol of cumulative knowledge" and Libraries need to be "agile" and Technologies require alot of physical energy (electronics powered by electricity).
Library as place to be...which is what I was saying in post. and yes, it is worth keeping those items that haven't been checked out in 10 years. Who is to say they were not used in the building? Peace out.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Library 2.0 what do you say? sorry for you folks who have to check our work. Spent alot of time on this; reading articles, etc. John Beck in OCLC Newsletter---key word is environment (he's writing about Boomers and Gamers) People, humans, animals, still need a place, space to be, we exist in the physical world, and most normal humans like it that way...near other people, hearing voices, walking on the ground, sitting on a wonder the libary is such a haven for the mentally's so normal...people feel normal here, they can do normal, familiar, safe, basic things like read, talk to humans, listen, interact...the "touch", socialogically, that's what humans seek...they don't really want to spend all their time in the virtual more gathering spaces, more places to sit & talk, more places for teens to hang & be teens (noisy), Spaces where children can play & be children (noisy),more places where people can eat & drink & have easy clean up (no carpet), yes, people still want DVD's, CD's, even books. Still trying to figure out how we can make the library the place to be to meet people...a singles hangout (wine & cheese nights?) Its like church...people come back once they start a family...How do you keep them coming after high school?

who in the world is technorati?

Zo. keyword search lead me to Hawaii photos. Take a mini vacation by viewing Na Pali coast photos. My island:Kaua'i
Re:PLCMCL2 linked to and took a fashion quiz, kind of like fortune cookie fun.
Look for Search roll under name "original Paige". Tried to link to blog...but Doh! error message came up. Ciao!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Tried to do Rollyo but searchrolls I thought I entered did not stick...the url did not take me to the site..frustrated.


You learn something new; then they change it. Word keeps updating, OPL does not subscribe to Publisher, there is an upgrade on Horizon, SRP requires a barcode and PIN...formats change, magnetic tape, CD's, MP3...cable, fiber optics... I keep telling people the next hing is gel. Yes, GEL. The information will be transmitted, etc. in gel form. And of course, everyone knows this is coming; just implant the communication device in your skull somewhere, or smear it on, if its gel. Big Brother is already watching everywhere. One super cool thing is; books and paper have been around for thousands of years! Every time a new technology comes along we are worried it will replace the previous one...but not necessarily. We still have radio and a new movie theatre just opened in Omaha!
We still recognize how important words and reading are to the new born dangerous quickly flashing images are to them... can lead to ADHD. Change the world: TALK, SING, READ to Baby. It's so low tech, anthropologically basic, & it prepares baby for the everchanging future.